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Ручной инструмент многофункциональный наружный

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Категория: EDC инструменты

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Описания Основные характеристики:
Новое и высокое качество
Портативный дизайн, удобный в использовании
Этот многофункциональный плоскогубцы настроен для любителей активного отдыха
Многофункциональный плоскогубцы - это необходимость в домашней жизни, путешествиях и выходе из кемпингаСпецификацияРазмер и весСодержимое пакета
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Комплектация: 1 х нож инструмент
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Ручной инструмент многофункциональный наружный - ЧёрныйРучной инструмент многофункциональный наружный - Чёрный


The knife came sharp enough, The pliers are precise and provide a firm grip, so they aren't great for reaching into tight spaces but for small tasks like tightening screws around the house, Had they placed the file on the other side, but I find it easier to use the knife for things like that, The tweezers are a nice addition and work like tweezers should

Lots of features but not the best Multi-tool even at this price, Some blades are very difficult to open without breaking a nail, I also noticed that when using the little knife blade to cut some plastic tubing if you push down hard on the area above the knife it's hard on my thumb because that area of the multi-tool is not totally flat

It has both pliers and scissors and it is still small enough to not be a huge lump in your pocket, It also has a sort of diamond shaped blade in addition to the normal knife blade only sharpened at the very tip, Another item that has been extremely useful is the bottle opener piece at the end of the utility knife

This is a tiny knife, it actually has more tools than I realized at first since it's so tiny and a bit hard to get everything open, because of its small size it slips into even the smallest of shirt or shorts pockets and is extremely lightweight

Most Gerber gear I own is very reliable and I would say this is too except that one tool, The pliers open easily and close crisply, The tweezers in the end of the Dime are an incredible idea and I've used them several times for splinters

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