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Брелок для ключей Амортизатор

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Артикул: 009499496929

Категория: Цепочки и брелки

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Описания - Простота и удобство в использовании
- Обработка поверхности: гальванизация, распыление, окраска распылением, полировка, шлифование и т. д.
- Обладает хорошими механическими свойствами и износостойкостью
- Низкая точка плавления, легко поддается литью
- Пружина может свободно двигаться

Материал: изготовлен из высококачественного алюминиевого сплава, прочный и долговечный
Дизайн: особенности специальной формы амортизатора автомобиля и изысканного мастерства, выглядит как настоящий амортизатор
Функции:брелок для ключей
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Комплектация: 1 х брелок
Брелок для ключей Амортизатор- Синий


Nice little flashlight that easily clips on to keychains and the like, what is really useful about this flashlight is that you can press a big button that makes the flashlight stay on as long as you press and you also have the option of a switch that turns the flashlight on or off, the light is as powerful as you would need or should expect from a basic keychain flashlight, -LSB- Note : This is not designed to be a waterproof tactical multimode flashlight

Its well built I needed something because im always opening packages and needed something I could keep on my keychain with a knife and the combination of tools and a flashlight is really handy

These are really small and are hardly noticeable on your keychain and are REALLY handy to have when you need one, a good find for a really good price, but I'm still happy with the purchase

This works out much better for me than another keychain I purchased here that had key rings on both ends of the leather piece, the old keychain was way too bulky to fit in a pocket

I really like this product but I wish any key rings I put on didnt slip past the choke point into the smaller hole where the spring section is held

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