• 3D-принтер QIDI TECH X-ONE2, полностью металлическая структура, 3,5-дюймовый сенсорный экран с термопечатью, с PLA ABS Photo №1
  • 3D-принтер QIDI TECH X-ONE2, полностью металлическая структура, 3,5-дюймовый сенсорный экран с термопечатью, с PLA ABS Photo №2

3D-принтер QIDI TECH X-ONE2, полностью металлическая структура, 3,5-дюймовый сенсорный экран с термопечатью, с PLA ABS

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Из коробки только простое управление для печати.
Одиночный экструдер по технологии QIDI значительно снижает риск засорения экструдера.
Металлический каркас, стол с подогревом, поддержка печати с нитью ABS, PLA, TPU.
Полноцветный сенсорный экран с диагональю 3,5 дюйма и интуитивно понятными значками упрощает работу. Спецификация Package Size(L x W x H) 48*42.5*46.5CM Package Weights 19 Package Contents X-one2 3d printer X 1,PLA filament(color randomly selected)X 1, Acylic Covers X 1, Power Cable X 1, SD Card Reader X 1, SD Card X 1, Leveling Paper X 1, Filament Guide Tube X 1, Spare Part Box X 1, Filament Spool Holder X 1, PVP Glue Stick X 1,User Manual X 1 Подробнее


I could not be happier with this printer. After going through two terrible Monoprice Select Mini v2 printers, I wasn't expecting much better out of this one despite the rave reviews. I thought maybe the pieces I wanted to print were too small or complex.<br><br>They're not! I've been throwing tiny, tiny prints at this thing and they are coming out fantastically. Every detail is there and crisp and perfect. It works fast, it works hard, and it's a breeze to use. Even calibrating it is very simple.<br><br>I'm also really excited about the fact that it came with a rather large SD card. I can load up several large files on this thing and print effortlessly instead of having to wipe the drive and start over every time I want to print something new.<br><br>If you're hesitating, don't. The only flaw I've found with the printer is that it's a bit noisy. It's not so bad you don't get used to it, or can hear it loudly through walls. I sit next to mine all day, and it can get grating, but for the most part it's really no big deal, and I don't think it's any worse than the Select Minis were.<br><br>I did end up having an issue where the plate sticker developed a bubble, and all of my prints were thrown out of whack. This was disappointing given the small amount of time I'd had the printer. I tried to buy replacement stickers, but couldn't find anywhere to buy them from.<br><br>Contacting support resolved the problem quickly, and I was sent several replacement stickers for free thanks to the warranty. Removing the old sticker was a bit of a pain due to the left behind residue, but after that replacing it was very quick and easy, and my prints came out better.

"I'm a beginner. Completely new to 3D printing, but, i have to say, this printer made it incredibly easy. The assembly was simple, not incredibly complex, leveling the plate was pretty easy to, and loading the filament wasn't difficult. The splicing software takes a little getting used to, but I've had alot of success with other programs (like ideamaker). But once to get used to the factory software, there isn't a load of difference.<br><br>I've tried PLA, PETG,and ABS filaments. The easiest to useis PLA, it has a lower external temperature and it's ready to go almost instantly. PETG is roughly the same. My pain points came from ABS. The machine seems to have a tough time reaching high enough temp to begin melting the ABS, it takes awhile.<br><br>I did experience an issue with clogging, because, being new to this, i left the filament in the feeder and it melted itself into a mass above the nozzle. Luckily, youtube exists and i was able to unclog the machine in about 5 minutes and it comes with all the tools you need to do it.<br><br>All in all, this is the most fun I've ever making things. If your just starting out, this the best machine to start with."

This is my first foray into 3d Printing. The machine is easy enough to use, and I think is a great place to start for beginners like me. I haven't had any major issues using it yet. I've had some filament breaks, but that seemed more like a problem with the not so great clear filament I had ordered. One suggestion I will make is look into a way to better secure the tube your filament feeds through to go to the extruder. The clip on the back of this that holds it doesn't really keep it from moving around. I secure mine with a piece of tape. That helped with less tangles.<br><br>I highly recommend you look up some printing tips to get the best results. I did not initially use printer's tape or hairspray to help stick my builds to the plate, and my successes went up drastically when I did that vs just using a glue stick.<br><br>I wanted a unit that was mostly enclosed because I have a bunch of cats, and this unit works perfectly for that. Only the top part where the extruder moves back and forth is open. So far I have had no issues with my pets messing with the printer.

For $300, this is a great printer. It's my first one and found it easy to setup and use. Tech support is non-existent despite what the manufacturer claims. I have emailed them several times with simple questions and have never received a response.<br><br>One upgrade would be some an improvement to the extruder cover to make it easier to remove it for filament changeover. The small screws are hard to get to, easy to drop and lose. If it had a slotted cover and studs with wingnuts instead of holes and screws, it would be much easier, but it's not too bad.<br><br>If you want to get into 3D printing, this machine is a great value and good to start with.

I LOVE this printer. It was my first 3D printer and the quality is incredible. I print miniatures and it does a great job at fine detail prints. Not as detailed as resin printers but pretty close. Learning curve was challenging but that's with any 3D printer. You can't beat the price for such quality. My one issue is that it is kind of bulky.<br><br>The belt actually snapped on it a few months ago but customer service was quick to respond. They sent me a replacement and instructions on how to fix. Taking apart the machine was tedious but I got to learn about every part and now I can troubleshoot by myself with no problems.

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