• QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования Photo №4
  • QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования Photo №4
  • QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования Photo №4
  • QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования Photo №4
  • QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования Photo №4
  • QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования Photo №4

QIDI TECH High End X Maker 3D Принтер для дома и образования

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Категория: 3D принтеры и наборы

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Youtube видео отзывы Описания Основные характеристики 1.Профессиональные исследования и разработки 3D-принтера для дома, образования.
2. Эксклюзивное учебное ПО со специальным учебником.
3. функция циркуляции воздуха; подходит для использования в школе и дома.
4.Он поддерживает печать с использованием нити PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, HIPS. Размер сборки: 170 x 150 x 160 мм / 6,69 x 5,9 x 6,29 дюйма.
5.Поддерживается индивидуальной службой QIDI TECH. Если у вас есть вопросы о 3D-принтере, не стесняйтесь обращаться в нашу эксклюзивную и быструю службу поддержки, мы ответим вам в течение 24 часов. Также предоставляется бесплатная годовая гарантия. Спецификация Package Size(L x W x H) Package Weights Package Contents Подробнее


Der 3D Drucker X-Maker von Qidi bietet ein sehr gutes Druckergebnis „out of the box“. Für Einsteiger auf jeden Fall gut geeignet, da die mitgelieferte Software (QIDI-Print) schon sehr gute Voreinstellungen für PLA, PETG, ABS und TPU bietet. Auf dem mitgelieferten USB Stick ist u.a. das Handbuch (auf Englisch), aber für alle wichtigsten Funktionen auch ein Video. Das erleichtert den Einstieg wirklich sehr. Das Justieren der „Build Platform“ geht sehr einfach und sehr schnell. Auch das Filament ist sehr schnell gewechselt. Das senden der Druckdateien über WLAN ist sehr einfach und stabil. Die Kamera benutze ich eigentlich nicht, somit kann ich dazu nicht viel schreiben.<br><br>Das beste aber ist der Support des Herstellers. Die Unterstützung bei einem Problem ist wirklich einzigartig. Mein X-Maker hatte leider einen Transportschaden. Das Kabel und der Schrittmotor der X-Achse war gebrochen. Ein Mail an den Hersteller wurde innerhalb von ein paar Stunden ganz freundlich beantwortet, sogar an einem Sonntag. Ein neuer Schrittmotor samt Kabel und Kabelbinder, plus weiteres nützliches Zubehör, wurde mir sofort per DHL Express nachhause geschickt. Sogar ein Video für den Umbau wurde mir per Mail geschickt. Alles bestens jetzt.<br><br>Ich kann diesen Drucker nur jedem empfehlen, besonders Einsteiger kommen sofort an gute Druckergebisse.

I'm surprised at the advanced features they've managed to put into this printer while keeping the price under $600. This is the perfect printer for someone who wants to pay a little extra for some pro-level features and user-friendly operation, but not overpay for those benefits.<br><br>This is a surprisingly quiet printer with a built-in camera for remote monitoring, WiFi printing, direct ethernet cable printing, direct USB (Win & Mac) printing via the QIDIprint software, USB flash drive printing, a flexible magnetic build plate, active air filtration, color touchscreen, and LED lighting with touchscreen On/Off control, breakpoint/resume printing with filament run-out detection, Flex/TPU filament printing, and a few other advanced features.<br><br>The build quality, user-friendly setup, and overall features made this the best printer I've worked with so far. Also, it's a very attractive piece of equipment to look at (almost looks like a wine refrigerator), and something I actually want to put on my desk. I plan to make this my desktop prototyping and development printer.

he printer was nice and worked very well, until i went to change filaments. I backed out the filament i was using (the one that came with the printer) and when I went to start a new roll it would not feed. I could feel the gears turning but nothing was coming out the hot end and the filament was not feeding in. Tried another new spool and same issue. I removed the extruder and took out the nozzle and small tube. The small tube was clogged with a bit of material which it should not have been since the material has back out earlier. Even with the nozzle and tube removed i could not feed filament manually through the assemble. I did notice a gap between the cold end and the extruder outlet. Seems there is a jam inside the hot end and even using 240 degree temp it does not come out. Waiting for Qidi to respond

The printer also comes with a standard 1kg spool of red PLA filament. The tool kit is very complete and fortunately, I have not had to explore its usefulness at this time. The ability to flex the bed sheets has been very useful, but some of the smaller images I have been printing are more fragile and do not respond well to flexing. The exhaust fans are adjustable in terms of speed and can be controlled with the printing software. The filters on the fans are pretty lightweight and I am reluctant to try materials that can / will produce fumes that seriously need to be filtered. I will wait and see if the company can provide additional enhancements/additions to the current setup in order to achieve a higher level of isolation during the printing process.

642/5000<br>Solid 3D printer for beginners.<br><br>Printer configuration is very intuitive, after 30 minutes of unpacking I could print on it. The instructions are very understandable even for people who see the 3D printer for the first time.<br>I chose this printer because of its small size, touted quiet operation (which was confirmed) and ease of use.<br>I have it for almost two months, I still have something to print :)<br>A small printer doesn't mean that you can't print large items on it!<br>I recommend it to anyone who wants to start the adventure with 3D printing and wants to print, not waste time modifying cheap printers from other manufacturers.

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