• Креативная печать стампер стиль ретро-леса для DIY Photo №4

Креативная печать стампер стиль ретро-леса для DIY

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Комплектация: 1 x Стампер
Креативная печать стампер стиль ретро-леса для DIY- Дерево WG-03


The seal is very sturdy, heavy wood and metal, i'm not entirely sure it IS wax, as it's melting it smells distinctly like a hot glue stick, makes a solid image when pressed, the difficulty I had in cutting it made it hard to control how much wax I could get in the spoon on my trials, makes it hard to clean the spoon off

I am an acrylic artist and Liquitex makes the best products ... I use this for texture and pure paint ... it is also interesting used alone for texture and then painted over ... it holds it's texture almost as good as their modeling paste and costs less but the modeling paste still has it's particular use

You want the texture of heavy paint but don't want the waste and expense of using the costly paint you can get the effect using this, i have been successfully selling postcard sized paintings using this product to create a more interesting product and this what the customer goes for ... texture

I'm inclined to start writing more letters by hand now ESPECIALLY after sending out my first set of envelopes and having everyone report that their seals arrived intact which was my main concern

The stamp and handle are sturdy, my only advice is practice a few times and test the material before using because some paper types aren't great for wax stamping and it could ruin you final result

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