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мини USB 2.0 кардридер концентратор с TF / SD карт слот

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● Подключи и играй дизайн, удобный для использования
● USB 2.0, высокая скорость передачи
● Легко носить с собойСпецификацияОбщийРазмер и весКомплектация
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мини USB 2.0 кардридер концентратор с TF / SD карт слот- Белый


I finally can have all my USB devices plugged in an ready to work at the same time, using a flash drive with a laptop is always inconvenient but this small hub makes it as easy as a desktop, i have used this with and without the power adapter for transferring files from the hard drive to a flash drive and flash drive to flash drive, the extra power is needed if you have an external drive, i really like this small easy to use hub

cheap <br>easy to use <br>plug and play <br>good speed <br>true usb 2.0 <br> <br>Please see my video <br>

This is really nice little hub, i have an Alienware Alpha hooked up to my tv and I needed some additional USB ports for my myriad peripherals, the only complaint I have is there is a little red power light on the front, they would be able to see it from space, it is the brightest little light and since this is in my bedroom

Perfect for laptops which typically only come with two USB ports that you have more or less converted into a pseudo-desktop set up, one to my parole camera scanner A device for the visually impaired to be able to read regular text, uSB rechargeable headset all of which just runs into one USB port on the laptop

In an effort to make my work area less cluttered and less dependent on power sources, being able to plug this USB hub into one USB port on my laptop and keep my external running Passport is USB powered, is very important in the power outages, this little hub really is small and so far it has worked perfectly

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